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  • 2021 November 3: Mini Classic Kickstarter Games Launch Day! Click to get back to basics!
  • 2021 August: ELEMENTOS by KodKod / Lemada Industries the maker of Rummikub RESTOCKED! Buy online at KodKod.co.il
  • 2021 May: ELEMENTOS by KodKod / Lemada Industries the maker of Rummikub SOLDOUT!
  • 2020 August: Final Act Extra Forces Expansion Kickstarter Funds $10K! Final Act II Campaign Page
  • 2020 March: ELEMENTOS picked up by KodKod / Lemada Industries the maker of Rummikub for world wide distribution!"
  • 2019 October: GladiGala- released in Essen SPIEL 19 ! Featured Games
  • 2019 April: GladiGala - Party of Champions Kickstarter Campaign Funds $20K! Kickstarter Campaign Page
  • 2018 October 25: Azimuth - released in Essen SPIEL 18 Hall 5 B119! Featured Games
  • 2018 October: Azimuth - Begin shipping to backers! Kickstarter Campaign
  • 2018 September 24: Azimuth - production done, games making their way worldwide via freight! Kickstarter Campaign
  • 2018 August 12: Azimuth - production started! Kickstarter Campaign
  • 2018 May 9: Azimuth - set your course, we're kicking off! Kickstarter Campaign
  • 2018 April 15: Azimuth - prelaunch signup and Kickstarter campaign build up!
  • 2018 March 1: Azimuth - get your bearings as the game is entering the final design stage and pre-campaign rumble!
  • 2018 January 1: Stone Daze - Happy New Years! Stone Daze games have been delivered, game on!
  • 2017 November 24: Stone Daze - Happy Thanksgiving and holiday with this Kickstarter being on schedule and almost ready to ship.
  • 2017 October 18: Stone Daze - Kickstarter project production going well, all print is ready, now we wait for the wooden gang to arrive.
  • 2017 September 7: Stone Daze - Production has started, all add on and the mighty Mammoth designed and ready.
  • 2017 August 5: Stone Daze - SG4 - Linen Bags are in the box thanks to late Kickstarter pledges and fierce negotiations with our manufacturer, yay!
  • 2017 July 31: Stone Daze - FUNDED!!!
  • 2017 July 29: Last 48 hours, 2 SGs unlocked and Mammoth is up next, thank you all our wonderful backers, Stone Daze is about to be born.
  • 2017 July 15: Two weeks in and Stone Daze is 100% fund, personal best for us, let's go bust some stretch goals!
  • 2017 July 7: Stone Daze is 80% fund, heading into the week of funding, yay!.
  • 2017 July 1: A Spectacular launch for Stone Daze on Kickstarter.
  • 2017 June 29: Never a dull moment! We are almost ready with our Stone Daze, coming very soon to Kickstarter.
  • 2017 Feb 20: HURRAY! Final Act has now shipped to all and is making its day-view in stores and online!
  • 2017 Jan 20: SHIPPING!
  • 2017 Jan 1: Happy New Year! The first step for Final Act is almost done. We are wrapping up production and are getting ready to ship the games out of China before the Chinese New Year. We have set up an exclusive area for all you Kickstarters who helped bring this project to life, follow this link to add any of the add-ons or another game, including our ELEMENTOS which has a spectacular holiday season for only $10
  • 2016 Dec 15: Finally we're back on track. Wood is looking awesome and finally cardboard sample does too, so we're off to the press and assembly will start soon.
  • 2016 Nov 27: Happy Thanksgiving! We are inded very thankful to our backers for their support and as we source a new cardboard manufacturer we appreciate their patience too.
  • 2016 Aug 30: Done. The last 48 hours were amazing, 10% up in two days, over 30 new backers, we're very happy
  • 2016 Aug 28: FUNDED!
  • 2016 Aug 19: Very cool Add-ons added to the campaign and making quite some waves, people really enjoy the advanced rules and dynamics they add, thank you backers for helping us expand the game and develop with us the 4 player option!
  • 2016 Aug 18: Support is pouring in from backers and colleagues as well as just plain old nice folks sharing Final Act becuase they feel it is a creative board game worth having
  • 2016 Aug 7: WOW! A very strong first week, 25% funded and growing strong
  • 2016 July 30: We are pleased to announce we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign For Final Act - take the role of a tank company commander strategy board game
  • 2016 Jan 21: It was one hell of ride and a good first one and now all backers have received their ELEMENTOSes, it is time to broaden the crowd and get more people are to know the game, watch for us in the store near you and online in Amazon and at your favorite game site!
  • 2015 Dec 21: We like it when things work like they should and not a month passed by from the campaign end and ELEMENTOS is shipping!
  • 2015 Nov 25: WOW! Just now we realized how consumed we were with the campaign but no time to rest, we will start spreading the word to stores and distributors and make you proud you were there before all the rest ;-).
  • 2015 Nov 21: FUNDED! With just hours to go we just got funded and are thrilled to announce production is a go!
  • 2015 Nov 15: We released a printable version which you can test the game on, all you need is a color printer, thick A4 page and scissors.
  • 2015 Nov 11:Some great reviews just cam in, one from Undead Viking Videos and one from Academy Games' Uwe Eickert, definitely well need and in a good time for the ELEMENTOS campaign to gain traction.
  • 2015 Nov 07: We are so thrilled to announce the halfway point is behind us, things are picking up for ELEMENTOS, Single Copy Early Bird is gone, claim your Double Early Bird now!
  • 2015 Oct 29: We are making good progress and starting to rack avid Kickstarters and not only friends, a third of the way is behind us, can't wait for half way done, vote for ELEMENTOS
  • 2015 Oct 22: Just a week into the game and we are 20% funded! Yay! ELEMENTOS seeing the light, come pledge and help us make it a reality!
  • 2015 Oct 15: Off we go! Our first Kickstarter Campaign is now live, ELEMENTOS is born!
  • 2015 Oct 1 : We are pleased to announce we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on October 15th 2015
Tyto Games is proud of its strategy games' innovative nature as well as its business management innovations.

We aim to bring our customers, kids and adults alike, a new and exciting gaming experience. We think this aligns perfectly with doing the same in the way we run our business.

To show our commitment to people and the environment, in addition to applying for the different certificates out there, we aim to share with you all as much as we can of our financials and business objectives thus giving you a front seat on our "board of directors".

We at Tyto Games believe that everyone gains if you know what we do and why we do it and see for yourself that the fun and excitement we share with you are not a product of anyone's miss-fortune.