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Final Act News Flash!           Date: August 20 2020


Tyto team is has introduced a new and improved Final Act REINFORCED version of their first INSYNC success enjoying rave reviews on BGG and Amazon.

As you all know everything and anything is more difficult these days but that doesn't deter Sharon & Lior for doing it bigger and better yet again and to top that off they keep on taking care of their crowd in ways that defy logic by make all the sense in the world.

In another bold move appropriate to platoon leaders with guts and nerves of steel (and tank steel non the less) they are slicing up and dishing the sweetness to their prior backers by letting them by part of the new game at COST

People chatter sounds like: come on guys, what's your secret!

To learn more of the new Final Act REINFORCED and support Tyto team check out the campaign on Kickstarter, they need your support.

Many of our previous Final Act backers reached us asking if it would be possible to add to the campaign the "Extra Forces" as a separate kit so you may upgrade the game. We're happy to say that now we've added the kit as an add-on. If you scroll down to the add-on section you can find it. The kit includes all the components we offer in this upgraded version. Cards on the table, from the logistics-production side of things, this is not a simple task as it may seem (production of separate elements, assembly, packing, different shipping routes, etc.) But understanding the situation, (and the commanders that we are) we'll make this doable. We are more than happy you guys enjoy our game, and it is our prior mission to give the best service we can to all you guys. We offer you the kit without any profit from our side, in total it is simply the production cost plus the shipping and handling elements. The Achilles heel of the operation is the shipping element, which increased even more during these crazy days, as we're sure you are well aware of (we suspect the total sum production+shipping would be greater than what is charged and we take it on us to subsedize the difference). Any of you interested in the "Extra Forces" kit simply pledge the new "Veteran" reward. We would be more than happy if you could spare a minute and either share the pinned post on our Tyto FB page, or simply bring a friend to join this ride...we could use the push, this would be highly appreciated.


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