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Azimuth strategy board game title

Tell your tale of glory and endurance.
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Azimuth strategy board game cover

AZIMUTH is an abstract game of tactics where players take the role of survivors stranded on a deserted island, or floating at sea - and all they want is to get safely back home, sit by the fire and tell an amazing story of survival.

Cleverly maneuver your rafts, making the most out of local winds and breezes while always aiming to your lighthouse (your ray of hope).

Survive or become food for the sharks.

Bon voyage!

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Azimuth Game Kickstarter Lighthouse Wooden Component

Keeping with Tyto tradition of top quality components and meticulous attention to design details complemented by the captivating box art by Jose Cabrera we're proud to unveil a pillar of the game, the lighthouse, this custom made wooden engraved piece will not only be your object of the game but great to handle as well. Take a look and Sign Up above to stay in the loop.


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Azimuth Game Kickstarter Lighthouse Wooden Component

OK, no more games, here's a sneak peak at the full set of components of Azimuth, at least until we start crushing some stretch goals, but don't let looks fool you, it is just the icing on the cake, we took great efforts to give you fun and challenging playtime to go along with the great look and feel.


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Azimuth Game Kickstarter Design Process

We wanted to share a bit about Azimuth's design process, and how it came to be. As always in our humble studio a game begins with a little spark that ignites a hell of a ride. Above is a short sneak peak, read more about the design process below.


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Azimuth Game Kickstarter Ocean Cube Stretch Goal

Back in the days ships got wrecked and castaways lost the seas were treacherous, spices were a major reason for ocean travel so we are spicing up the game with our ocean cube, making the ocean come alive and affect the game.


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Azimuth Game Kickstarter Early Bird Special for 48 hours only

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  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 30 Minutes to play

Unique, innovative game mechanism
Beautiful artwork & components
High replayability


A Year of Design ...

1. We had a very cool insight about a unique game mechanism…so we started a very basic exploration of the idea. After spending a few sessions throwing ideas across the table we felt there was something good there. Work began.

2. As we progressed developing of "how it works" we started, as always, running ideas about the theme of the game, something that would be totally intertwined with the mechanics. Our castaways were born, stranded on an island, looking for a way to get back home…

3. Azimuth was slowly coming to life. Now we began simultaneous work both on the mechanism and on the graphic design and art work. These elements of a game always walk together hand in hand.

4. So many issues need to be addressed. Who are the audience we want to reach, how many players, components, artistic look, costs…We made our decisions and kept on working hard. Some ideas came to life and were buried the day after, some were here to stay.

5. We built a working model and started the most important phase in game design, play testing…play testing…play testing…play testing. As time passed and the game developed we knew we had a good game.

6. Good is not enough. We made some more changes and the game evolved nicely. We didn't stop till we thought it was fabulous. Nothing less.

7. Graphic design of the game was always advancing in parallel to the game development and kept changing as we went along. As we always see it, a game has to be both beautiful and smart…

8. More play testing…play testing… play testing. Now we knew we have it. We got where we wanted to be. A first, more developed prototype was built and first prints of the components were made. Not good enough. Back to the drawing table. For example, our initial lighthouses were cardboard pieces. We at Tyto Games always try and do our best to deliver top quality components. We designed the lighthouses again, this time made from engraved wood. They looked magnificent…Bye bye cardboard, there's no going back

9. By now design advanced nicely, so it was time to contact our manufacturer. They suggested for the castaways to go with off the shelf meeples. At first we went along with it. But… as with the lighthouses, we figured we needed to give them a bit of character…back to the drawing table, and our new castaways were born.

10. It was time to write a first draft of the rules and get some reviews. The first draft was written and was sent out to a few amazing people who always helped us with our previous games. Corrections and changes were made, but for us, the most important response we got was "I want to play this game…"

11. By now we knew we had an awesome game, design of all components was done and test printed. We were more than happy with the result. Play testers were all over this, people love our Azimuth. There was one thing missing to bring this design process to closure: the box art. We gave a try with one artist. Not good enough, sorry. We remembered an amazing box cover we saw a couple of years back on Kickstarter and approached the artist. Maestro Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena agreed to join our journey. As we came to learn, Jose is not only a truly gifted artist, but also an amazing man. Thank you Jose – we love you man! When we got his work we were simply astonished of how beautiful it is, and how he managed to capture in his art all we wanted our box art to be.

12. Now we felt we have it all. Azimuth matured to be a smart and beautiful game. We think we've made a game that would be enjoyed by gamers and non gamers alike. A great game for strategy game lovers who ever they are…

13. At this point we want to thank all the amazing people who helped us stand where we are now. All our play testers and reviewers for their good advice and endless patience. We love you all!

14. We began working on our Kickstarter campaign – the next stage in making Azimuth a reality. Work on the campaign advances nicely and we aim to be live in a month or so. We invite you to join along and take part in an awesome journey of creating and bringing something special to life. We welcome you to sign in via the link below and be part of our coming Kickstarter campaign and help bring Azimuth to life… Cheers