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Here you can read more about Jason's and Mike's impression of Final Act

"The Dials! The Dials!
Ok, I've got your attention. Now, can the game hold it? Well, this certainly is something different. On one [many?] levels ... oh ... and two control panels with THE DIALS!"

Mike Wall, A Wargamers Needful Things



Here's what Uwe Eickert of Academy Games has to say about ELEMENTOS

"When I first saw Elementos, I thought, what a nice kids game. But then we began playing it and were amazed by the depth of the game. I love the strategy and tough decisions that I have to make in order to get ahead. Do I sacrifice a unit to open a path forward for my wand? Or do I wait until I have set more reinforcements, risking that my opponent may spring a trap if I wait too long. 

I highly recommend Elementos. The game quality and game play are both phenomenal - a wonderful Kickstarter project to support."

Uwe Eickert, Academy Games



"Elementos is one of those rare games that combines a simple rules-set with layers of strategy. It can be very intense to play, yet can be taught in a matter of minutes. I highly enjoyed my plays of Elementos and I can see gamers enjoying it over and over again. Combined with a beautiful presentation, Elementos is a winning abstract strategy game that I'm sure will be loved by a wide variety of people!"  

David Harding, Grail Games (creator of "101 The card game", "Guns & Steel")




Words like "surprising depth and tactics", "easy to learn", "cool elements", "feels good", "fun experience", "cool box", "play at work over lunch", "teach kids basic strategy", "really really enjoyed playing" just keep echoing in our proud heads.



"Wood you like to play a unique new game? quite a revolutionary game, in which the basic elements face each other, and any move might be changed and reversed. Wooden, compact, neat game inspired by Rock-Paper-Scissors logic, in a fresh approach. Water, Wood and Fire are the elements in stake, light strategy will lead you across the board to win!"

Boaz Coster, partner and game designer, Theora Design (inventors of "Guess who?")



"Great-looking campaign! We featured it today on Casual Game Revolution"

 Chris James, founder, Casual Games Revolution (bringing positive change to the board game industry)

"Elementos - is a two player strategy game where players will each try and get their wand to their opponents side of the board. To do this ... It sounds cool and the wooden components (including the box that folds out to become the board) are very well done. Check it out."

Kick the Table, Mike Minutillo, as reviewd in Board Game Geeks