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Azimuth - Ride The Winds

Azimuth boardgame Kickstarter Campaign

Azimuth: Ride the Winds is a new 2-4 player abstract game of endurance and wit.

You awake stranded at sea with nothing but some wood planks and the shirt on your back, a fate light glimmers in the distance, barely visible during the day as heat rises from the ocean surface, you raise your hand, covering your eyes from the intense daylight to get a clearer view, squinting hard you are filled with faith, "it must be a lighthouse" you mumble outload, that's it you know what needs to be done, you will not lose sight of this single ray of hope, you must set a course and push onward before you drift away.

A light breeze at the back of your head snaps you out of your posture, you realize you need to use whatever you can, to make a raft and use the local winds to inch your way closer to safety, you must reach the light.

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With Azimuth Tyto Games' Sharon & Lior are keeping on course with their previous games utilizing innovative mechanics which yield an easy rule set, easily scale-able to fit avid and novice gamers alike as well as parents and children just stepping into the world of gaming, all with top quality components resulting in a great time that keeps your head sharp and your family joyful.