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Stone Daze Co-op Si-Mov Board Game

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Stone Daze Co-op Si-Mov Board Game

Availability: Debuting November 2017

Stone Daze is a brand new co-operative team play game that features cool wooden clubs and headbumps that complement an intensely fun and mind twisting game that is super easy to learn and handle using very cool and innovative magnetic control panels.


STONE DAZE is the next game in our INSYNC series, following the success of Final Act. STONE DAZE is a family game of tactics, cooporation, raw guts and a little luck. Our intent was to create a game with easy rules but with tactical depth that would be a fulfilling gaming experience for many years to come. 2 - 4 players ages 10+ Takes about 60 minuets to play. Can you outwit the rival clan? Would you reach their sacred place in time? Plan ahead with your team mate, make good use of your characters' special abilities, throw your clubs effectively, and your clan just might make it and stay in the place you call home...

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