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Final Act

Final Act is an advanced gaming platform for tank commanders to be. Final Act elevates your gaming experience using a simple yet very versatile command center used to control your army and eliminate your opponent. Unfortunately, your skills will leave no casualties to tell the tale of defeat! Coming Thanksgiving 2016!

Thanks to all 307 Backers that helped make Final Act a reality, we are now moving forward to production. 

We will keep you updated on the Kickstarter tab of the Tyto Games site and in updates and comments on the Kickstarter campaign page.


Please don't hesitate to write us a message here, or on the Kickstarter message board if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pledge, an add-on, etc.


Final Act strategy board game preview

Like Rules? Click here to download Final Act's rules of engagement

Like Videos? Click to view a short preview video of how to play Final Act!