Welcome! Put your thinking helmet on and dive in!

About Us

Tyto Games, board game publisher developing strategy games that will capture your imagination while keeping you intrigued and captivated.

Tyto Games believes in small innovations!

We take great care to details in both design and play, details that make games both easy to learn and approachable.

We design our games so parents and kids can easily fall in love with the game play and look and feel but really get intrigued by the hidden level of complexity as they play again and again and grow into Tyto Games.

No, it is no easy task but we're devoted to help you bring kids back to the table so we invite everyone to try a Tyto Game, because once you do you'll know you're getting a great tool to do just that.

As we scale up and grow we have a mission to become a world leader in interactive strategy board games.



What do we think is an interactive board game?


"Creativity is the cause of all change" (Unknown Author) is a moto we live by.


We are creative at everything we do from business to personal and we try to keep a good balance between them.


Thus we thought that in a world where everything is going virtual but people still very much enjoy human interaction and gaming as a form of leisure and bonding, why not fuse these two together and bridge the ever increasing gap between the generation who brought change and the one who embraces it!


So our vision is to turn every piece of our game to a trackable unit using technology and incorporate that into the flow of the game. While in today’s board games and altercation between two players has to stay in the realm of imagination and is totally controlled by the set rules of the games we intend to transform it into and full bodied contextual experience on the virtual domain.


 Who is Tyto Games?

Tyto Games is a new eco-friendly strategic board game inventor and manufacturer.

Sharon's passport photo Lior passport photo

Sharon Katz, MLA

CEO and Chief Designer

Accredited landscape architect with years of experience in design and implementation turning his creative wand onto a long lost passion of his, strategic board games, and making it into a reality 

Lior Keinan, B.Sc.

COO and Marketing Manager

Digital Signal Processing (Vision) Engineer whom after topping his career turned into a successful internet e-commerce entrepreneur and consultant, a creative innovator at heart with room to spare.


We are Lior (AKA Wolf) and Sharon (AKA Handsome). What started as a hobby for family and friends quickly turned into something else; a creative whirlpool. Inventing games we found ourselves thinking, designing, arguing, and modelling, in what felt at times like a roller coaster ride. Our creative streak consumed us to the bone (Sharon was already quite a skinny guy) – yet we prevailed! With the help and encouragement of family and friends we’re glad and honored to share with you our hard work and passion.

Tyto Games, a kickass new adventure!

Why Tyto?

Strategy Games, ah! Well what a strategic advantage this special genus of its own has on their world. Wise, homey and caring to their offspring with a heart shaped persona, they command the night and dominate the skies of their habitat, so here you go, some of these traits we live by and some we admire and strive to. With our new innovative game systems and technology we also intend to dominate quite a few habitats!

What is the vision for Tyto Games?

To this day we have two specialty games systems in place, one is shared with the world as ELEMENTOS and the other is just about ready to be shown. Our vision is to take these games system and integrate them with today’s wireless and software capabilities to create a new hybrid of board games which are a genus of their own.