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Stone Daze, extraordinary cave(wo)man action and family fun with cool magnetic control panels and easy rules strategy board game Successfully FUNDED on Kickstarter!
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Final Act, an innovative fast paced easy rules strategy board game Successfully FUNDED on Kickstarter!
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Final act elevates your gaming experience using a simple to use yet very versatile command center for your games pieces.


ELEMENTOS across the land!
We are glad to join the ranks of Alliance Gaming Distributors, yet one more step for ELEMENTOS and Tyto Games
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1.      All basic ELEMENTOS rules apply.

2.      The 2 Players with same color play as a team.

3.      First couple to advance one of their wands to the other side of the board wins the game!

4.      Each player plays in their turn (clockwise) thus each team play 2 consecutive moves.

5.      Each team player can play only their half of the board! 




All game pieces can cross freely from side to side (inc. the wand).



4 Players  - 2 vs. 2

Game Setup Example







1.      All basic ELEMENTOS rules apply.

2.      Each player plays with 6 game pieces.

      Make sure you play with 2 pieces of each

      combination (2 fire-wood, 2 fire-water,


3.      One player of each color needs to distinguish their game pieces by marking them with a sticker (or any other mark).

4.      Wands are placed at the corners of the boards.

5.      First player to advance their wand to any of the 6 squares across the board wins the game!

6.      Feel free to make alliances and make deals with any of your opponents to reach your goal!  








4 Players  - Classic

Game Setup Example



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